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Discover aviation care at its finest with us – your trusted partner for aircraft maintenance, catering to both general aviation and business jets at the airport Karlsruhe Baden (EDSB). Our passion drives us to ensure your aircraft’s safety and efficiency.

We hold EASA Part ML approval, adhering to sophisticated international standards. Our range of services encompasses everything your aircraft needs to soar confidently through the skies. From routine inspections to comprehensive maintenance, we have you covered.

As you embark on countless journeys, let BMS be your reliable companion. Our dedicated team understands the intricacies of each aircraft, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

Thank you for considering BMS Aviation Services as your aircraft’s home for meticulous care and attention.


Tomislav Brkic
General Manager and Chief Mechanic

Licensed EASA Part 66 for:
Turbine A, B1 and Piston A, B1
– Airbus A320 FAM (CFM56) B1.1
– Beech 90 Series (PWC PT6) B1.1
– Beech 200 Series (PWC PT6) B1.1
– PA-46 Pressurised (PWC PT6) B1.1
– Full Group 3 B1.2

Felix Thürich

Marko Ivancevic
Mechanic Trainee

Peter Strobl
Freelance Mechanic and ARC Extensions

Timohir Zrincak
Freelance Mechanic


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